in the 2 senses of the word

THE URGENCY of the need for immediate action

And a new EMERGING social context

The world is facing a critical moment that needs urgent action! Solving the climate emergency, the greatest challenge of our generation, is imperative for any future that humanity may desire and, at the same time, presupposes profound changes.

It means


To amazonize is a verb, a call to action, a global awareness to keep our greatest wealth alive. From what the largest tropical forest on the planet teaches us and provokes us, to rethink our systems, our ways of thinking, our ways of life.

Why EA?


The Amazon is the largest tropical forest in existence, with the greatest biodiversity on the planet and is being systematically destroyed every day. We are treading a path of no return and scientists warn, if the destruction does not stop, the life cycle of the forest will be interrupted and we will see the Amazon transform into a large savanna. Today the forest has already lost 17% of its coverage, if that level goes from 20 to 25%, a large part of the forest will disappear irreversibly and in 30 to 50 years it would be 70% savanized.


Carbon dioxide is mainly responsible for global warming and, according to the UN, it has doubled the number of natural disasters in the last decades, killing more than 1.2 million people since 2000. The Amazon is a gigantic reserve of carbon stocks, whose release, through deforestation and degradation, can significantly raise the global temperature. Today, deforestation is already the second biggest cause of climate change – while the standing forest stores and neutralizes carbon, the destroyed forest becomes an emitter. In addition, there is already indisputable evidence about the role of the Amazon rainforest as a provider and regulator of water. Its flying rivers travel thousands of kilometers keeping the climate humid and at lower temperatures in the continent. Containing the climate emergency, humanity’s greatest challenge, necessarily implies preserving the Amazon.


Amazon has always been the center of the global geopolitical dispute, directly linked to the growth of the world economy. There are many interests in a complex game of powers between large corporations, companies and different governments. These global leaders have high decision-making power in relation to the preservation x destruction of the Amazon and the result has been catastrophic. We can mention, for example, the exit of the USA from the Paris Agreement, or the EU Agreement with Mercosur, or the Bolsonaro government’s environmental policies.


Defending the Amazon necessarily involves defending and learning from the peoples of the forests. Representing less than 5% of the world’s population, forest peoples protect 80% of global biodiversity. Amazonizing our way of life is the key to the necessary leap we need to take to create a new common world.