is an online TV program for those who want to know the powers of the largest tropical forest in the world and also understand the geopolitical implications and interests that are at stake in this territory at all scales.

The program moves through the current and historical perspectives of the Amazon, read from the realities of the 9 countries that comprise it. A mosaic of views to understand the Amazon from its diversities, an intersectional perspective, revealing connections and interpretations about the Amazon that many are still unaware of.

Soon special interviews with experts on the following topics:

Tipping Point: The Amazon can become a savanna
Global warming: How the Amazon interferes with the world’s climate
Clean energy: How to produce energy without destroying the Amazon
Bioeconomics: An economy to protect the planet
Deforestation: Deforest there, kill here
Reforestation: Our last chance Guardians of the Forest, Guardians of the Future

What the pandemic has to do with the Amazon
We need to talk about environmental racism
The geopolitical dispute for the Amazon
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